Rebelieve is a creative, bilingual (English & Dutch) communication agency based in the Netherlands. Our ambition is to enable customers who excel in their field to find their purpose before communicating it with excellence and impact in English and Dutch. We do this by offering communication & marketing advice, developing concepts and creating copy, design, and video. Now, find out more about us below:



Here at rebelieve, we have assembled a team of creative professionals, from freelancers and experienced industry experts to developing talents. We’re scattered across the world, so we stay in touch virtually, working on different projects and coming together when needed – as well as meeting up in person when we can! So here we are:  



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It’s all about trust

One thing must always come before working and creating at a peak level: trust.

Trust in:

– Yourself
– Your team
– Customers & suppliers
– The creative process
– And finally, trust in the bigger picture

Team up with us and rest assured

In all creative processes, there are also moments when you have to let go. And of course, sometimes, letting go means sharing. It takes you to a place of new insights. Our goal is to give your creative process that extra boost: so team up with us for the challenge you face and rest assured that together we will get the job done.



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To make a difference tomorrow, 

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