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Animation is one of the key current trends in marketing. And for good reason too: they can catch your audience’s attention, get your name out there, and convey information faster than other content types. And with this, comes a strong return on investment (ROI). From increasing leads or converting prospects, you can use animation across every part of the customer journey. Because of that, you can increase your margins, get your voice heard, and grow your business – at a reasonable cost.

Here at Rebelieve, we love animation. So for that reason, we’ve written ‘Using Animation’, a whitepaper with everything you need to know about this eye-catching content format. From the techniques available to how and why you should start using it, this whitepaper is your perfect starting point. And produced in collaboration with industry players like MediaMonks, Sjoerd Stellingwerf, and MVDB Design, you know you’re receiving expert insight. So, start your animation journey here, and download the whitepaper below.


So do you want to find out everything you need to know about animation? It’s all here: from ROI statistics to examples of different techniques. And with insight from major players in the industry, you’ll learn exactly how to successfully adopt it in your company. 

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Did you know?  

  • The global animation market is projected to reach a market size of 404.83 billion US dollars by 2023

  • They’re shared 12 times more than regular content


  • Find out more key facts inside…