Below, you can take a look at our portfolio so you can see some of the projects we’ve worked on recently. Here at rebelieve, we offer communication advice and create copy, video, and design. Over the years, we’ve created content in a range of formats, for example: websites, whitepapers, videos, and leaflets. Currently, our clients include world-leaders, universities, and local family-owned businesses.

Highlights from our portfolio

Cover of the FlowerWatch whitepaper, with flowers in a greenhouse

Whitepaper FlowerWatch

FlowerWatch is a world leader in the flower industry. As pioneers of standards, FlowerWatch are truly experts in ensuring the highest quality flowers. Back in 2019, we created a whitepaper for them with the goal of building on FlowerWatch Quality Standards as the benchmark in global floriculture. To request a copy of the full document, send us a message now

Website De Werkplaats

De Werkplaats (Dutch for ‘The Workshop’) is a one-man construction company in the centre of the Netherlands. Currently, they specialize in customized solutions that call for out-of-the-box thinking and high expertise (owner Leo calls it ‘weird stuff’). A few years ago, we developed his website – all in Dutch, of course – also including photos and this 1’10’’ teaser video.

Cover of the werkplaaats website, with mask in protective mask welding


Now, here’s the rest of our portfolio. Click on any of the items below to see the project in more detail. If you have any questions or would like to know more about a particular project, send us a message today using the form below. Finally, we add new items all the time, so check back often.

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