4 benefits a whitepaper can offer your business

More and more companies are discovering that a whitepaper can play an important role in reaching customers and building business. In this article, we outline 4 strengths this format has to offer.

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1. Establish your expertise by sharing in-depth, reliable insights

A whitepaper can present information market information, trends, innovation directions. It can also be used to explain a complex concept or new product. Usually, it contains information and insights – presented clearly, logically and attractively – that your prospects would not easily find elsewhere. By issuing a whitepaper on a topic that matters to their business, you’re doing them a favour. You’re also doing your own company a favour: a whitepaper can help establish your expertise in the field, build your reputation, and gain the trust of prospects, who will recognize in you an authoritative, reliable potential partner.

2. Create goodwill by sharing free knowledge

By making this high-value information available in a comprehensive and understandable format, you show potential customers that you value transparency. A whitepaper is a way of inviting customers and prospects to tap into your expertise, and of helping them to understand complex challenges. Your whitepaper can help them make better decisions – and that goodwill will pay itself back in new leads. A successful whitepaper earns the reader’s trust: instead of selling her a product, you’re giving her the information she needs to think carefully about her next steps. Most of us today greatly value relevant, trustworthy information, and providing this might be just as important as openly telling a prospect about the benefits of your product or service.

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3. Reach decision-makers

Because of their length and density, whitepapers attract readers who are seriously interested in the topic you are covering. In most cases, they are looking for insights and that will help them make good decisions for their business. In other words, your readers, for the most part, are decision-makers, managers or experts involved in technical and financial recommendations. A well-written whitepaper will help tip their purchasing decision process in your favour.

4. Generate new leads and benefit from high conversion rates

Most readers of whitepapers have entered a buying decision-making process, which means they are indeed serious prospects for your company. As whitepapers are normally available for downloading from a company’s website, these readers are required to leave an email address – which you can add to your database and use for direct contact. On top of that, many readers will pass on your whitepaper to managers, staff and other contacts in their network. Whitepapers are a sure way of making new contacts and growing your company’s visibility.

  • 96% of the most successful content marketers agree that they have built credibility and trust with their audiences (Beets, 2018)
  • 72% of B2B marketers used educational content to nurture their audiences (Beets, 2018)

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Your knowledge, our power of communication

A well-written whitepaper may provide facts, figures and insights, but its ultimate goal is help readers reader make good decisions. It requires many hours of in-depth research, interviews, writing and design. Collaboration is essential: your knowledge and expertise, our power of communication. The result of working with rebelieve can be a paper (in Dutch and/or English) that informs, inspires and invites your target group to do business.

Take a look at some examples we have recently produced for a variety of markets:

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