Using Whitepapers (English)

Here at rebelieve, we love whitepapers. For us, they are a timeless content marketing tool. A successful whitepaper lets you can reach your prospects and teach them something. And through that, you will gather leads, increase mindshare, and become known as experts in your field. 

We’ve spent years writing whitepapers with our clients – and we want to share everything we have learned so far! So to do that, we wrote the whitepaper on whitepapers. With it, we hope you can take advantage of this valuable format – and increase your margins, enhance your reach, and grow your business.  Download your copy of the English version below. You can get one in Dutch too, if you need it. 



Find out everything you need to know about whitepapers: from their form and style and what they can offer you, to how to maximise your own campaign to grow your business. 

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If you need a copy in Dutch, download it here.

Cover of English Whitepaper


Did you know?  

  • Whitepapers emerged in the British government in the 19th century


  • 71% of buyers say they’ve read a whitepaper over the past 12 months to research purchasing decisions (DemandGen, 2018)



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